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My best of Wonderwool

At Wonderwool there were hundred of thousands of beautiful yarns and fibre related products to wipe out our bank balance on. Fortunately I didn’t buy enough to wipe out the bank balance so the things I chose were all carefully considered and so, I think, worth writing about.


I didn’t buy anything until about 2pm having arrived around 11.30am. I wanted to buy circumspectly and to adore the things I chose and I’m feeling like that was a great philosophy to go with. I definitely worked for me. I didn’t buy loads, mainly because my stash is fairly full, and fairly full of some really nice stuff that I want to use within the next year. And also because the spinning wheel has been on the horizon for a while and I knew that that would detract from my knitting time and also that I would need to waste some fibre getting the hang of it. I’m expecting lots of over twisted squiggly stuff that probably won’t ever get knit with. And the first thing I bought when we got buying at Wonderwool was a spinning wheel.


I bought it from Ann Fisher Rhodes. I had already figured out by reading blogs and forums that I wanted to get a wheel with a double treadle and had identified Kromski as a make that gets talked about for both it’s quality and it’s good value. My husband and I had talked about it quite a bit and felt that we didn’t want to go for something cheap if it compromised on how nice it was to use or how long it would last, but we also didn’t want to pay for a name or to assume that the most expensive available is the best. I hunted through the list of stall holders on the Wonderwool website and found Ann and emailed her. When she was so helpful in her response and on the day, I felt like this was a great place to purchase my wheel.


Having made such a big purchase I was quite aware of not getting tempted by every stall carrying yarn. Quite quickly though there was a stall that really stood out for me. The yarns were really lustrous, beautiful colours. Vibrancy and brilliance shone out from every strand of yarn with some gorgeous colours. And small dye lots. This really looked like yarn that had been loved in creation and it was back to this stall that I headed once I had had a good look round. The yarn is from Juno Fibre Arts and I chose a fingering weight had dyed yarn, 50% silk 50% merino wool.
On making my purchase the feel I had about the stall was reinforced. The lady selling the yarn seemed so pleased that I liked it so much and had chosen to buy it. I don’t know, but I suspect she was the dyer. As you can imagine I was fairly effusive about the whole thing which made her beam which made me beam too. That thing again, of noticing the bit of soul inside..


I made one other purchase (see, I really was restrained!) at a fibre stall that Sam the Inspiration recommended to me. I wanted to buy a reasonable quantity of a couple of different types of fibre to begin spinning with. I didn’t want anything too special as I’m aware that the fate of at least some of this will be to become tangle but I also wanted something that I would enjoy working with. And something fairly flexible. Which is to say, undyed so that I can ply it together in various combinations, do some experimenting without feeling that I’m going to get something at the end that I wouldn’t really want to to knit with anyway. Like a mixture of blue and yellow or something. So I bought 400g of white merino wool and two 200g plaits of Shetland. we have yet to see what becomes of it but I’m sure next year at Wonderwool I’ll be heading to various fibre sellers looking for something special to spin. I’ll have got the hang of it by then. I hope…