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Wonder wonder wonderwool!


At the weekend I went to my first fibre festival – Wonderwool, held at the Welsh National Showground in Builth, Wales. I was very excited! The kind of excited where you can’t sleep for dreaming of what’s coming up and also the kind where when it’s over you can’t sleep for excitement of remembering all it turned out to be.


It was a fair drive for us, around two and a half hours, and the family all came along for the ride which was nice. There wasn’t loads of stuff for kids which was understandable although it would be a good avenue to explore: finding fun stuff for children to do to introduce them to the wonders and variety of working with natural fibres. There was a whole heap for any kind of yarn lover though: hand dyed yarns, fibre, felt, buttons, tools, notions, nicknacks.


I had a class booked in Woolschool for 12pm. We arrived at around 11.30am and I really needed to grab some food before trying to learn some stuff so we headed straight for the food court. It was a good start – I chose some tasty curry which provided me with good lasting fuel for my drop spindle class. They definitely have a good catering set up.


I bought my drop spindle maybe six months go and used YouTube, my excellent friend, to get the idea of it. Turned out not many people in the class had done that. Maybe it’s the demographic. For me that’s the first place to go when I want to learn something new. I’m going to be going there a lot in the next few months… The drop spindle class was fun and also interesting to note the differ teaching styles of the tutors. One was very clear about what she thought was the right way, another very clear that there isn’t a right way. It was a good combination. And it was reassuring to feel like I had kind of got the hang of it, because the reason I wanted to try it is that I’ve been thinking a lot about making my own yarn and about reaching further back in the process of making garments from wool. So having finished my class I hunted out the Krowski spinning wheels stand!


I had emailed the stand owner, Ann Fisher Rhodes, prior to the day and she was willing to let me try some wheels and gave me some direction about how to get started. It must have been quite stressful for her trying to teach me – entirely a beginner – and helping out other customers. I was really grateful for her patience and encouragement. First I had a go on a portable wheel which was good, then I had a go on a Krowski Symphony and that was great!


This was the one for me. A quick dash outside to the man with the money (I will be forever grateful) and the wheel is on its way to me. Hoping for its arrival any day soon! I’m sure it’s going to take some time and patience to get the hang of it, but I’m feeling so excited for this new venture to begin. Once I’ve mastered it, maybe then it’s time to get some sheep….