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A house like Jack’s

This is the roving….


…that became a single…


that became a skein…


…and then a ball…

photo (1)

…and then a swatch (lesson learned)….


…and the beginning of a jumper of my own design!


Quite quickly I realised that I’m probably not going to have enough yarn. I’ve decided to spin up some more of the cream merino roving I bought at Wonder Wool and give my jumper some stripes. I’ve also got a plan that probably my jumper is actually going to be a body warmer/tank top/vest kind of thing as I think the alternative is probably to have cream sleeves which definitely wouldn’t work for me. I’m much too messy. I’m quite happy about that though as that is the kind of thing I would like to have in my wardrobe and which I don’t have at the moment.

The merino is going to be quite a different texture to the Blue Faced Leicester / baby camel but I think that will work out. I’ve decided to do stripes of two rows thick. Partly because I like the look of thin stripes, and also it means I don’t have to count rows which also appeals to me. That has been something fun with doing my own design. It’s really simple, and it’s nice to be free of a pattern. I can just knit away, figure out what I want to do when, and do it. I’m knitting in the round, also partly because then I don’t have to make notes of what I’m doing to get the front and back to match. I’m going to divide at the sleeves and work the front and back separately from there but as the front and back will be different from one another I still shouldn’t need to be troubled about making lots of notes.

I’m knitting the top on 2.5mm needles, which explains why I’m going to be short on yarn. A lot of yarn gets used up with such small needles but I have been increasingly coming to that view that you get a better finish if you use small needles. Sometimes you want a chunkier look, but not me today.