Alas! Alackaday! Woe is me!

I’m trying to keep things light hearted with that title. It’s only knitting after all. But HOOOOWWWL! My beautiful Dark and Stormy cardigan is beautiful no longer. It is about the right size for a child of about two. Fortunately I will have one of those within the next six months (Myrtle is currently approaching […]

Myrtle’s-not-too-hot body warmer

Last summer Myrtle didn’t wear clothes. Not really at all. We went camping for a week and the only dirty clothes I brought back for her were night clothes as I wasn’t risking getting woken up by a chilly one year old. That all changed the week she got chicken pox. Having had to insist […]

Scraggly bit of scraggle

My next project is something completely different (given that the yarn for my actual next project isn’t ready yet, although the third of five colours is now drying..). I really enjoy variety and it’s not hard to find that. So my next project is a lace shawl, Luciole by Anne Hanson (I know, I know…). […]