Hat week challenge a different way

I enjoyed my hat week challenge so much I decided to do another one. Also I have a friend with a bad back and a cold head who I think will really enjoy a new hat. The one she currently wears (at home, a lot of the time) she found abandoned on a beach. This is a spirit of resourcefulness that really resonates for Ben. Me, I just think she might really like a new hat.

The pattern of choice is Woollywormhead’s Elourne. The yarn is from Malabrigo in a grey/purple. It’s a worsted weight so it was going to knit up pretty quickly although this week we have been beset by illness and busyness more than previously. None the less, I cast on last Wednesday and cast off the following Monday. If I were a gift knitter, hats would be the way to go.

I went for a really simple cast on to give a bit of a stretchy edge, after quite a bit of swatching to find the right gauge.


After a day of knitting I was getting into the cable and lace pattern. This was really fun – a repeat of four rounds, two of which were all knit stitches and the others really simple, straightforward cabling. I love how squishy the cables look in this yarn.


A relaxing weekend away with good friends and quite a bit of knitting time and we are nearly there:


And this time I remembered to do a pre-blocking photo (sorry, it was dark) so we can see a before and after contrast:


I will publish the finished object when it’s come out of the block and the sun is up…

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