Day five: finishing fever!


And so it turns out I can knit a hat in five days. I was definitely more focused on one project than in a normal week – the spinning wheel has sat bereft, and it was an easier pattern than some so I could pick it up for the odd minute here and there and do a bit as I had opportunity. Even so I was quite strict with myself to continue to do all the usual things I usually do so it’s a reasonably representative week. I guess nothing went really wrong in the week or the knitting to particularly slow me down which helped. That was really fun!  IMG_9168

And I am really pleased with the end product. I wanted a nice, cosy, slouchy hat and here it is. The reverse stockinette stitch is a favourite of mine at the moment and I am always a fan of cables. These were nice easy ones, perfect for working without a cable needle. The yarn is perfect for this project and I love the colour. Looking forward to a toasty school run. At least, my head will be warm…


4 thoughts on “Day five: finishing fever!

  1. Sally

    Well done Becky, that looks lovely, I especially like the colour which suits you very well I’m sure you will get plenty of wear out of it this winter.

  2. Samgoose

    Well done Bek, you must be such a speedy knitter now. The photos are gorgeous, especially the first one 🙂 The hat is lovely; did you use handspun (is that a stupid question?)


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