Hat week challenge

I have set myself a challenge to knit a hat in a week because I thought it would be fun, and I wondered if I can, and I need a new hat. It’s got really cold on the school run and my coat with a hood is eleven years old so although the hood is warm the rest of the coat is not so much.

The pattern is from Woolly Wormhead called Tangled River

There are people on the raveley page who have made it in two days, but I am not certain how their knitting time compares to mine. It does make me think it is possible though.

So I swatched and cast on last night. It’s a new cast on for me – called the alternate cable cast on. You alternate knit and purl stitches into the cable cast on, which wasn’t as tricky as I expected and gives a nice beginning edge for the 1×1 ribbing for the brim.

I’m using some birthday yarn bought at the Stitch Up last month (good timing for a birthday): Babylonglegs semi precious. I’ve used Babylonglegs yarn once before for the wussy pillow mittens and I really enjoyed it that time. I’m finding the same this time. I’ve got the colour way called “Mrs. Popeye” which is unexpected. But I do like spinach.

My plan is to post updates through the week to show my progress. Which probably means not such great pictures. Definitely not great pictures today as Ben is away for the day. I’ll get him to take some good pictures when it’s done…


Wow Ben and Sara Brook have weird blue spots on their table. I never noticed.

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