Scraggly bit of scraggle

My next project is something completely different (given that the yarn for my actual next project isn’t ready yet, although the third of five colours is now drying..). I really enjoy variety and it’s not hard to find that. So my next project is a lace shawl, Luciole by Anne Hanson (I know, I know…). I bought this pattern over a year ago and have been waiting mainly to have the brain power to attempt it. It’s more lacy than anything I’ve done before, with thinner yarn than I’ve used before. But I’ve embraced light weight yarns over the last year and now it doesn’t seem all that thin.

I’m using Manos del Uruguay lace (I was seriously nervous about more Manos after the growth of my last Manos project into a monster… Test swatch heavily blocked and pulled around. If it goes wrong this time I will be totally cross!) in a really beautiful colour combination. They call it Orla, it’s a mixture of charcoal/black/bronze. It’s quite subtle and it looks beautiful in a ball or skein.

At the moment though, my project looks like a funny bit of scraggle. Maybe the dark colour makes it look more scraggly and more like a muddled up cobweb. There are one or two errors but I’ve got the stitch count right and the errors were really tiny (except the one where I started knitting just half a shawl plus a bit, and had to rip out altogether!) so I think it will be beautiful. Just doesn’t really look that great right now!

This couldn’t be all that much more different from my last project. This one I’m pretty tied to the pattern. Last time there wasn’t a pattern. Now there’s long rows, lace on each side (mainly just the edging though) and quite a bit of brain required. I’m not totally sure I’ve got enough of that. I have found there’s a few ways to reduce the brain needed. Life lines and stitch markers really help, and I’ve found they also mean you can knit without worrying if you’ve got it right because it will be obvious really quickly if you haven’t because the stitches won’t add up. That’s a good thing.

It is making me question my project fidelity though. It is not particularly sociable knitting and it is quite tiring. Maybe another project that just goes round and round a bit more would make better portable knitting. Only thing is, I’m not sure I’ll finish this lace project if I do that. I’ve wanted to make it for ages. I love the yarn and I think it will be a really pretty project. I’m also learning quite a bit from making it. So I definitely want to finish it. So sorry, I’m just not going to chat all that much while I knit on this! At least, not on the edging bits…

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