Project fidelity?

Turns out a week camping is a good opportunity for progress on my jumper. And… It’s done! Safely blocked and dried and ready for some cold weather! I’m totally very excited and pleased about it all. But I don’t have any pictures yet. That will be for my next post!

So we went camping last week with lots of friends and we absolutely had the best tent! Check out the stove, solar powered fairy lights and bunting! I used to hate camping. Now I’m planning our next trip. Especially as it seems conducive to getting some knitting time.

Finishing a major project is always a funny thing. Bit like finishing a great book. I always get so excited about finishing that I zoom through the last bit, find out how it finishes and then feel like I’m missing a friend. Although that feeling is always tempered when you’re really pleased with the finished product and get to wear it too.


For the last year or so I’ve been really strict with myself about casting on one project and not starting something else until it’s done. Mainly I think because I don’t get that much knitting time so things have in the past sat in bags for so long that I’ve forgotten where I’ve got to and fallen out of love with the project and then you have to face the ripping out bit, only to be left with yarn that just doesn’t seem so appealing any more. But there is definitely a down side. At the beginning of the week I had to get a blood test. There was an hour wait. I didn’t have any knitting! My jumper was at the stage where I just needed to sew in the last sleeve which seemed a lot to cart around with me given that it wouldn’t have taken long to do it anyway. I had stuff to read so it was fine waiting, but I kept thinking of this undisturbed knitting time that I wasn’t using.

Also, having finished a bit quicker than I expected I’m not ready with my next project. I have about ten projects lined up that I’m planning on but my next project is a neck warmer using maybe four different colours of hand spun yarn. I’ve got two colours ready but the stripes are going to be narrow so I really need the whole lot ready before I start. I’m also planning on making Luciole so I thought I’d start swatching. I have started swatching and quickly realised I need smaller needles so they are coming in the post maybe tomorrow. Which leaves my knitting bag kind of bare. I could cast on some socks or something but that seems silly because I know they will get laid aside as soon as I’m ready with my yarn or needles. In the meantime I need to get spinning. Once I’ve recovered from this sickness bug. I didn’t mention that, you don’t need any more details…

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