Here is progress

So it is going to be a jumper, not a tank top. And I think it’s going to be great! Which is to say, I think it will fit and I really like how the seams of reverse stockingette stitch look and how they line up. And I love how it’s kind of knobbly and rustic looking. It does kind of look like a jumper made by my early spinning attempts but I can embrace that. That is what it is. Seems to me that’s what knitting is like. If you want something perfect, buy it from a shop. I’m at the stage with my knitting, I think, where there is usually one fairly significant error maybe the kind that only I would know about. That’s also the kind of person I am. Most of my hair is usually kind of out of place, if it really has a place at all but then if you want perfection, go to photoshop. I would take a lot of photoshopping…

So whilst my jumper, which currently has one sleeve but not two (yet, it will have two, that’s not a design feature I’m going for) and has some knobbles and bobbles along the way, I made it. The whole thing. I can see my dream coming true. I will have spun the yarn for a whole jumper, one I designed myself. I didn’t exactly know how it was going to look, but so far, I like how it is going.

I didn’t quite get the sleeve right the first time. It has too much material at the top. My next job is to undo the seam and pull back a few rows to take out maybe three rows. That way it will fit a bit better. Then the second sleeve and a bit more seaming.

And in case you’re wondering, I already blocked the body and first sleeve. So I know there’s not going to be any more of those kind of disasters…

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