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I’m not that tidy, me. Ok so I’m not at all tidy. I am a tip and if left to itself my stuff would be too. I think that tip tendency is not a good match for a knitter because there’s a whole heap of stuff that goes along with knitting.


The most space consuming and tangleable is the yarn, obviously. My stash of yarn is divided in two. The yarn I bought when I was starting out. Mostly 100% acrylic with little to recommend it. That’s in a bin bag in the loft. The yarn snob in me grimaces. Then there’s the other half. The posh stuff. The squooshy beautiful ‘that would make great wall art’ stuff. So now that’s what it is: functional, changeable wall art.

IMG_6403 - Version 2

I think this was my idea, to hang it. Ben found the vintage spools on which to hang it and did lots of precise measuring so it would be just right. If it had been up to me to do it, they would have been scattered in my usual haphazard way but clearly this is much better. We make a great team!

This end of the living room is becoming devoted to our hobbies (yarn one side, spinning wheel nearby, Ben’s stringed instruments the other side) which I love. We are not good at choosing wall art because we are always held up by wondering if we will want to look at any given piece every day. I could look at yarn every day and plan the projects I’m going to use it for, and it will change month by month as I use it. Also this way I won’t forget what’s in my stash and not use some of this deliciousness. And it is well away from mice. That happened to me once. Never again..
Makes for a good talking point too.


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    1. Ylbere

      Do you have any idea how much yarn is needed for a baby Afghan? I was just woernding how much I should buy (I don’t want to get TOO much/little). What weight of Yarn would you recomend?Thanks


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