Curious Creature

It has become a curious creature. A slightly alarming one that I will no doubt come to love during the comfortable hours of car journeys ahead. Not that we are planning any long trips. The car cushion is complete. The rational part of my brain informs me that it is quite an unusual item. Not the sort of thing to share beyond close friends. Not really something to be proud of. I can see the faces as I present my cushion and people wonder whether it’s a joke or just a bit of practice for when the kids come home with some mangled bit of tissue paper looking for admiration.

And yet despite all this, my heart is absurdly pleased with this peculiar beast. Right through the bit where I shoved in the pillow I had planned on throwing away and held the seams together to stitch it up. Clearly the pillow is quite a bit bigger than the case, but you know, the stretch shows the pattern. My own design. Completely simple and uninspiring and yet I am delighted. No, I really am!

I think I am so pleased because this pillow speaks to the success of my spinning adventure. The red and brown at the end (I know, the colours don’t exactly go..) is the very first yarn I span. There it is, in all it’s knobbly bobbly glory, used for a real thing. Then there’s the two tone yarn, again, an unusual choice, but a lot smoother than the first red and brown I produced.

And now check this out… From a car cushion to my next lot of hand spun yarn making a not too knobbly bobbly top. It even has back shaping now. If there aren’t any devastating disasters this might just turn out really well!

So car cushion, when I sit in comfort with you in the car I shall remember this journey. You were the first step…

2 thoughts on “Curious Creature

  1. Samgoose

    Wow Bek, I’m jealous of all your knitting and spinning time; you’re churning out the projects! I love the cushion; the colours and textures are really well matched. Your handspun is looking awesome. I’m knitting my first own design with handspun Shetland at the moment – a cable jumper for Laurie for the winter. Hopefully it’ll be finished by then haha 🙂

    1. Rebekah Dwyer Post author

      It wasn’t like this a year ago! But it is lovely to have time to knit and spin and that the children can be involved too 🙂


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