A story begins

I mentioned in my last post that I had ordered some roving that I hope to use to make a cardigan or jumper for myself. Today it arrived. I bought it from hilltop cloud


I think it is completely beautiful. The colours are complex and subtle and the blend is soft and squooshy.


It’s 70% blue faced leicester and 30% baby camel. I wasn’t too sure what that would be like to spin. I’ve found merino wool slightly more tricky than shetland and I’d say this is probably somewhere in between. I felt I got the hang of it pretty quickly though and I’m finding it really satisfying to spin. I’m going for basically as thin a two ply yarn as I can manage and I reckon it’s coming out fairly fine, and pretty consistent. After all, When a yarn is hand spun you’re not looking for a completely uniform finish. I was thinking about this, how you can buy a £3 ball of acrylic yarn which is completely homogenous and feels like a machine produced it. Untouched by human hands. And to me, kind of cold and impersonal. Then you can get yarns that are hand dyed that feel like they have a bit more life in them. Sometimes you get patches where the dye has taken less and there are some inconsistencies. I don’t mind that. Then you get hand spun yarns. Quite a bit more knobbly bobbly I find. I guess when you add a bit more human you get more lumps and bumps. I feel like there’s something good about that. It feels like there’s some soul in it. Not perfect, but the best we can manage. Maybe it reflects the patience, time and thought that was involved in making the yarn.


I’m going to need a bit of patience to see this project through from this beginning to the end I’m looking for. A bit like life perhaps. Shouldn’t be too hard though, with something so lovely to work with.



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