This has been a week of the most fabulous discoveries for me. Firstly, I have discovered that spinning is really not that hard. And it is really, really relaxing. And I can make yarn. I didn’t think I’d be able to make yarn for months. I had expected that this blog would be full of amusing anecdotes about me finding it difficult and making coils of springy tangles and getting cross and trying to pretend I wasn’t cross.


This may be less amusing, but it is a lot more enjoyable for me! I have found that Shetland wool seems easier to spin that merino, but that with a really small amount of perseverance it all comes together nicely. Spinning has a lovely rhythm to it and spending a little time with some wool allows you to turn it into yarn that already has a bit of story to it. My ambition is to make a cardigan or maybe jumper for myself, made with yarn I have spun myself. I ordered the roving yesterday 🙂
It might not be that long until I can begin that journey. And I’m confident now that it will be a fun one.

I know, it is a little knobbly bobbly, but for a first attempt I think it’s not too bad…

The other wonderful thing I have discovered is that my children like helping me spin. My son complained yesterday that I’d done some plying without him and please could I save it for when he’s around because he thinks that’s the most fun part. He likes to give the wheel a push to get it going, towards the mirror for spinning and towards the little chair when we are plying. What a joy it is to be able to share this with him! My daughter, at 16 months is a bit less actively involved at this stage. She likes to sit in the chair next to me and hold a toy dog. She also quite likes to grab bits of the wheel so we have some work to do with her. I don’t think it will be that long until we are fighting over the use of the wheel. Which will be an entirely excellent thing.


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