Manos del Uruguay

So Dark and Stormy is coming on a treat. It has been such a fun pattern and I can now try it on. As long as it doesn’t grow too much in the wash it is going to be a good fit.

I did want to just provide a bit of a review on the yarn I am using. It’s the colour way Leo, 30% silk, 70% , merino wool. It’s quite variegated which I thought for a while that I wasn’t keen on but the longer I knit with it the more I love it, and I loved it quite a lot to begin with. It’s really soft and squooshy but also has a lovely sheen to it. The stitches stand out so well that even though it’s variegated you don’t lose the cables in the colours.


It wasn’t that cheap, although I did get it on offer, and I’m totally a yarn snob. There is difference between cheap and expensive yarn and it is not only in the price..
The other thing I think is worth mentioning is the ethics of the company. Manos del Uruguay is a cooperative of artisan yarn dyers and on each skein is the name of the artisan who created your yarn. The idea is that these women working in rural Uruguay create something beautiful and they get paid a wage that reflects the skill and work they have put into their work. And I think you can feel that in the yarn. This is something that a person has made, not a machine. Which is central for me to what knitting is about. I’m really enjoying using this beautiful yarn and I am hoping that what I make with it will be beautiful too.



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